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Work the Jungle
A Practical, Early Career Guide

It is bewildering to enter the corporate world for the first time. You’ve worked so hard to finish your education and training, yet then feel thrust into an unknown world where the secret handshake and norms take years to learn. Starting a career can be an intimidating time in your life. Fear not. This easy-to-read guide will help. Learn practical, confidence building tips to build success at your new job. Bypass sugarcoated, theoretical buzzwords as you learn about finding a job, thriving in the workplace, being efficient with money, working with colleagues, developing good communication skills, handling business travel plus focusing on self-care and your authentic potential.


“Lynne Christensen delivers a practical guide with actionable insights, valuable lessons, and down-to-earth strategies tailored to empower the next generation with a professional approach to launch or reignite careers. Work the Jungle is an indispensable companion for anyone wanting to turn their aspirations into achievements.”

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