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Need more details? Read answers to our frequently asked questions.


Do I have to pay a deposit for services to begin?

Yes, Northleo Writing Inc. requires a deposit to commence work. The payment schedule will be outlined in the agreement for services.


How much will my project cost?

Each project is different and Northleo Writing Inc. prepares a customized quote for each one. Costs depend upon how much research and consolidation are needed, and also if your background materials are organized. Properly-run Subject Matter Expert interviews take time to do right. You can help minimize the number of hours spent if you are responsive to requested feedback as the project proceeds. The goal is to ensure that there are no surprises. All Clients are encouraged to be clear with the project’s desired content and expected length as this will help ensure a smooth process right from the start.

What payment options do you offer?
Payment instructions will be included in your quote, at which time you can let us know if you have a preference for making your payment through Paypal or eTransfer (within Canada).



How fast can my project get finished?

After the deposit is paid, new Client work is scheduled into the next available timeslot. Depending upon current workload, rush requests can possibly be accommodated and will incur a 25% upcharge on the regular quote for services. Please be realistic with rush requests; for example, a professional will not agree to write an entire memoir in two weeks because it’s simply not possible to produce quality writing within that timeframe.


Why should I outsource my writing project?

There are many reasons to outsource writing projects:

  • you need fresh eyes on your existing document to provide that final polish

  • you wish to focus on other elements of your business

  • there is a sudden spike in your department’s workload causing your staff team members added stress

  • you need to keep permanent employee overhead costs down

  • your own writing skills aren’t strong enough

  • you simply do not enjoy the process

No matter the reason, Northleo Writing Inc. is here to help.


How does Northleo Writing Inc. work with Clients?

Northleo Writing Inc. is a virtual business, 100% online. Modern technology allows writing project discussions to be held via email, telephone or online videoconference. Northleo Writing Inc. can definitely work with teams located across multiple time zones.


What projects does Northleo Writing Inc. handle?

Northleo Writing Inc. focuses on business, adult learner curriculum, memoir, biography, family history and bespoke writing assignments. Please note, Northleo Writing Inc. is not your best choice for writing projects involving advanced pharmaceutical documents requiring government regulation knowledge, children’s education or applied mathematical formulae journal articles.


Who works on my writing project?

Northleo Writing Inc.’s Chief Content Creator Lynne Christensen works on all writing projects and Subject Matter Expert interviews. Your writing project will not get shuffled off to a junior writer or outsourced to an unknown entity. What’s offered is a unique, value-added blend of writing, business experience, emotional intelligence and diplomatic collaboration skills. It is the Northleo Writing Inc. advantage.


Do you guarantee that I’ll get my book published, obtain the funding I need, get more sales and increase my social media followers?

No. Obviously, Northleo Writing Inc. cannot guarantee your future publishing, financial, sales or media success. What you do with your finished writing project is your business. However, Northleo Writing Inc. will help you create quality writing you can add to your corporate or educational tool kit to share with a crowded marketplace as you see fit. A note about book publishing: traditional publishing houses usually only take submissions from literary agents. Literary agents require query letters with specific content; this is the best way to approach them for potential representation. Self-publishing, on the other hand, guarantees you will be published once you pay for the service. Ensure you fully review, using appropriate legal advice, any publishing service or representative before signing on the dotted line.


How can I get the most out of the writing services I pay for?

It’s important that the relevant background material is provided before starting any writing project. Make sure your Subject Matter Experts are available for interviews and information sharing. Also, respond promptly to requests for proofing and edit suggestions.


I need more than just writing services. Are graphic design and printing services offered?

Northleo Writing Inc.’s services are limited to the actual writing assignment. It does, however, have a roster of trusted contacts in the graphic design, web design, printing and publishing industries. No referral fees are charged and these other firms will invoice you directly under their separate contract(s).


Who approves the final draft before it gets published online or in print?

The Client is ALWAYS responsible for final writing draft sign off before it is sent to the Client’s chosen graphic designer, webmaster or printer for any publication format, electronic, paper or otherwise.


Are language translation services offered?

Services are only provided in English however Northleo Writing Inc. is glad to work with Clients who do not count English as their first language.



Why is there a lion and maple leaf on the Northleo Writing Inc. logo?

The lion is a symbol of strength, perseverance, creativity, focus, determination and confidence. It also happens to be the firm’s Chief Content Creator’s August birthday sign. ‘North’ was added to the company name to signify that Northleo Writing Inc. is a Canadian corporation. All of Northleo Writing Inc.’s services are Made in Canada, land of the maple leaf, maple syrup, snow and so much more.

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