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Business Writing Services

Business writing including strategic content creation, Subject Matter Expert interviews, business plans, funding proposals and long-form blogs.
Business Writing Project Experience:

​Corporate Writing

  • business plans for bank managers

  • corporate overviews and accomplishments

  • funding and grant proposals (multiple six-figure matched funding approvals, one funder stated it was one of the most compelling and best written proposals received)

  • government lobby documents (municipal, provincial/state, federal)

  • industry coalition letters

  • internal and external departmental status reports

  • memorandums

  • policy documents: administrative, governance, human resource, membership and manufacturing

  • quality control inspection forms, audit documents  and manuals

  • request for proposal documents (bid requests and responses with decision matrix)

  • strategic planning briefs


  • brochures, posters and trade show booth panels

  • case studies

  • content creation (long-form blogs), development, research and copywriting

  • editorial schedules, article ideas and content

  • magazine articles

  • newsletters

  • website copy


  • cross-disciplinary team collaboration on technical documents

  • installation “how to” manuals

  • laboratory testing summaries

  • Subject Matter Expert (“SME”) team members’ interviews

  • technical data/specification sheets and flyers

  • white papers

Would you like to put your Subject Matter Experts’ technical insights into customer-friendly documents?
Do you have to write a funding proposal but find business writing overwhelming?
Are you in need of a more organized business plan but don’t know where to start?

Northleo Writing Inc. can help.

People in business writing discussion

The world today is filled with advanced technological, scientific and business terminology. Funders, investors and customers must understand what a company does before they commit. Funding typically goes to companies with clear goals and organized business plans. Engagement is built when flowery, jargon-filled language is avoided. Customers want to understand the products and services they buy; smart companies offer them clear documents that explain both the purchase decision and product life cycle. It’s about far more than pretty colors and charts on a page. Your writer should know what questions to ask as well as treat your team’s valuable knowledge with the respect it deserves.


Northleo Writing Inc. interviews Subject Matter Experts (scientists, field representatives, research and development teams, engineers, C-suite executives, project managers, association managers and consultants) using empathetic, logical and comfortable conversations. It then changes company/industry jargon into clear English for written online or print resources. Years of experience with cross-disciplinary teams, including shy introverts, allows a calm, patient process to ensure everyone feels included and heard.

Northleo Writing Inc. offers:
  • Lengthy business writing experience in multiple disciplines

  • Ability to see the big picture and understand how departments work together

  • Experience with hundreds of senior-level business writing projects

  • Knowledge of the strategies and keywords that get decision-makers to take notice

  • Collaborative environment where feedback is welcomed

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